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The Bottlenecks of Math Education   by Justin at: contact@mathfilefoldergames.com

It is widely recognized that there are at least two major bottlenecks in the mathematics education of grades K-8:
  • The teaching of fractions
  • The introduction of algebra (I'll get to algebra later)
Knowing how to use fractions is a subject that is absolutely necessary for functioning adequately in society.

More than that, I believe that fractions should be more enjoyable than it sometimes is. An informal surveys among teachers consistently reveal that many of their students simply give up learning fractions at the point of the introduction of addition.

"Middle school should acquire a deep understanding of fractions and be able to use them competently in problem solving." - NCTM(2000)

Teachers know that the several months off for summer vacation sees considerable slippage in their students' math skills. Kids who practice math during the summer will have an easier time transitioning back to school, while kids who don't may lose a couple months of learning.

I Actually believe that if a student will focus just on fractions over the summer break they will gain the confidence in math and the entire year will be remarkable.

Keep it simple for your students and encourage them to master fractions over the summer break. You will be surprised at how well they do in all areas of math when they come back.

And the best and easiest way to focus on fractions is to play games!

My fraction games are a great way to practice over the summer break and your students will come back ready to learn in the fall:

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