Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Maths Games Develop Strategic Thinking

I like Justin's thinking about the teaching and learning of Maths (or Math, as he is Canadian) it would be great if we incorporated more games into our lessons.  Perhaps we should be teaching and assigning 'Games' as homework, instead of the usual repetitive uninteresting practice that is usually assigned!!!
My youngest, now 30, started as a 3 year old learning colours, numbers etc while playing the card game "UNO" He wanted to play with the rest of the family, so his cards were laid on the table and he was assisted to choose "the same colour" or a "matching number' etc.  Many times he could win the game because of the input he was being given.

Justin's latest email post.
Strategic thinking is one of the most important skills for children to develop. It requires the ability to observe, take in different pieces of information, analyze information, plan and analyze possible solutions, and choose the appropriate action.

Strategic thinking is a way to solve problems. Every day we have to solve the problems. Every day, we need solutions. Problem solving is an essential skill in our professional, family, and social lives.

Games like bridge, chess, and backgammon are ideal for teaching strategic thinking. But learning bridge is more than fun and games; students who play, practice math and reasoning skills and show improvements on standardized tests.

However, games such as bridge have complex rules that can take time to learn and master. Instead of using complicated games, there are many math games at every grade level that are much easier for children to learn and play. All of the math games are focused on providing engaging activities to entertain strategic mathematical thinking both inside and outside of the classroom.

If you are a teacher or parent, I encourage you to have a look at the assortment of math games. You will find many that will pique your interest and help you develop strategic thinking and problem solving abilities in your students/children while having fun!

Math Should Be Fun!

Yes Justin does create Apps for Smart Phones etc, but it is not always necessary to use the modern technology for games.  Consider:  Battleships, Mancala, all card games, Monopoly, Draughts...

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