Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sculpture Garden

Dale Seymour, a publisher and author of many mathematical books, is now a creator of mathematical structures for his home in California.

I found his resources great for getting away from the usual maths into problem solving and investigations, most challenged the student and teacher but gave a reality to most of the math we teach.

If you can get hold of any of his books: Fibonacci to Escher, Pascal's Triangle to Kaleidoscopes, Plexers to Building Toothpick Bridges: they will help you change the way you teach maths.

When my son, now 36, was at Intermediate, I was invited to take the class for a cross curricula style unit of work.  The one we chose was:  Building Toothpick Bridges. In groups they students had an accountant, a designer, a gopher and a builder and they were required to build a bridge, and then test to destruction, given certain design restraints and costs.  My son occasionally talks about this and is now a civil engineer-coincidence?

Dale Seymour now has a website showing his many Sculptures as well as a wonderful geometrical garden and house:  http://www.seymoursculpture.com/

I hope this might inspire you to think outside the square with your approach to teaching maths

A Dale Seymour Sculpture

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