Friday, 2 May 2014

The 7 "P's" of Mastering Fractions

  • Practice using fractions in a variety of ways.
  • Practice understanding of fractions by using math manipulatives.
  • Practice basic words or phrases by giving students a problem and a list of relevant terms, e.g., "numerator," "denominator,"
  • Practice fractions by having students observe their surroundings, e.g., what fraction of classmates have black hair, have brown eyes.
  • Practice pointing out the importance of fractions in the world around them and in successful careers.
  • Practice fraction problems by having students write their own fractions based on their own experiences.
  • Practice fraction problems by having students work in small groups to create their own surveys around fractions based on classmates' preferences
The easiest way to do all this "Practicing" is to engage your students' interest in fractions through the use of games!


  1. Thanks Len for doing these. I frequently use them as my problem solving day. A personal favourite is 'the temple of gloom'.

    Much appreciated

  2. Cheers Haydn, sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, the trouble with being so busy at being retired.
    I will add "Temple of Gloom" for others to enjoy