Thursday, 27 August 2015

Four Sums in a Row

Why:                       Practice of addition Facts

Object:                   To cover four numbers in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally

Students:                Pair players            N.Z. Numeracy Stage:            Counting on

Materials:              Game board, 2 sets of counters(two colours), 2 paper clips

How:                      1. The first player places two paper clips on numbers at the bottom of the board,
                                adds them together and then places one of their counters on the sum on the board

                               2. The second pair moves JUST ONE paper clip to make a new sum and covers
                               the appropriate numeral on the board.

                               3. Play continues with pairs alternating turns until one pair has four in a row.

Adaptations:            Change numbers on the board and use three  1-6 die or 0-9 die
                                  Adapted from Nimble With Numbers Grades 3/4

Note:                                    1.  I prepare these type of activities on one side of an A4 or Quarto Card.  This is so the rules and playing
                                             board are on the same side, often I have seen games disrupted because the rules are on the reverse side of 
                                             the page!
                                             2.  I encourage students to play as a pair against another pair. With two in a 'team' there is a need for
                                             maths discussion before a move is made. The more discussion the better the learning.

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