Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ten Pin (Bowling) Maths

Materials:        Ten Pin Bowling format with Numbers 1 to 10, and  3 x 1-6 Dice (or 3 x 0 to 9 Dice)

Objectives:       To practice the four operations and order of operations to find solutions with 3                                    random numbers, as produced by the dice rolls

Goal:                 To ‘Strike Out’ as many of the numbers as possible

Organisation:    1. Can be played as a whole class warm up (but be aware some students may let                                 others do all the calculations)
                            2.  in small groups (of Four) each student has a Ten Pin Grid. They take turns to roll                             the three dice and then ‘strike out’ as many numbers as possible

Method:              1. One person rolls the three dice, records the numbers on paper, and then using                                  the four operations of (addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division), as well 
                             as brackets, and each number on the dice once they find a solution, which Strikes  
                             out a number. 
                             e.g. If 2, 2, and 3 are rolled  2+2+3  is equal to 7 so 7 is struck out. 
                                    then 2+2-3 is equal to 1 so 1 is struck out.
                                    2-2+3 gives 3 and 3 is struck out. 

                             Try to remove as many numbers as possible with each roll.
                             2.  After all solutions as possible are found the dice are rolled by the next player.
                             3. This can be played cooperatively, with each student in the group helping each                                  other, or competitively with each student only using their own rolls of the dice to                                  strike out numbers during their roll
Adjustments:    With younger/less able students focus on addition and subtraction.  More able all                                 operations

Note:                   When using dice I prefer to use ten sided dice (0-9) as it generates all the digits   
                             and has the spoiler of a zero as well.    1-6 Dice/Number Cubes are more suitable 
                             for younger students

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