Thursday, 9 October 2014

CSI – Can you solve the case of the discovered bone?

Detectives have found a bone buried in a hole on the banks of the Waikato River. Forensic anthropologists have established that the bone is a radius bone, and that it is almost certainly human. The bone measures 28cm long. From some scraps of material found with the bone, detectives can conclude that the mystery person is almost certainly female. Another bone, a 44cm tibia, possibly belonging to the same person, has been found
  • The detectives now need your help. 
  • They need to find out the height of the mystery person along with some other measurements 
  • Circumference – head (around forehead); 
  • shoulders; 
  • hips; & 
  • knees (both knees together). 
  • From these, the detectives need you to create a ‘skeleton’ model.
Can you solve it?

Teachers the students will need to collect data and find averages etc so that they can use the given information to work out the 'size' of the mystery person.   One way to may the 'skeleton' could be to have a length of adding machine tape(or card) for the backbone and then attached strips of card for the other details.  

I would love to hear the results of the investigations

Adapted from ‘The Case of the Mystery Bone’ by Doug Clarke (possibly out of print)

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