Thursday, 2 October 2014

Len's Warm Up/Warm Down Maths Activity

This activity has Addition, Place Value and Probability all rolled in to one Great Warm Up.

Prepare a grid as below(this size is best for Upper Primary and Junior Secondary)  Younger children could just have 4 rows and then a total row. Distribute  OR have students prepare their own

Object: to be the student who has the highest total after all the dice rolls.

  1. Teacher or student rolls a die (preferably a 0-9) the students use this number to fill in the square in ROW 1
  2. The Die is rolled a second time and the students can now put the rolled number in either of the Ten's or the One's Place.
  3. On the 3rd roll the number is placed in the vacant square in row 2.
  4. Now it is Row 3 to be filled. After each roll of the die, the students decided whether to put the number in the Hundreds, or Tens or Ones.  (No storing of numbers OR changing once the number has been recorded.)
  5. Continue in this manner for row 4 Th, H, T, O and then Rows 5-7
  6. Hardest part is now to get the students to add each column to find their Grand Total!
  7. The student who has the Largest Total wins, or scores points for their ‘school house’ etc.

Teachers: Worried about how to check the accuracy of the students answers?
  • Have all students find the digital root of the TOTAL Row; This is when all the digits are added to get a single digit.  e.g. 14 666 789  becomes 1+4+6+6+6+7+8+9 OR 47 and then 4+7 is 11 and 1+1 is 2.
  • Students with correct total should have the same digital root.
  • Alternatively, ask one child to call out their answer and see how many have the same (if half the class or more)  ‘assume’ this is the correct one!

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