Saturday, 25 October 2014

Do We Celebrate Math(s) Achievement?

Here in New Zealand many schools have a large notice board(often electronic) at the school entrance or a prominent place for the passing public to see.  The notice board regularly has postings of student achievement, which is great as in this negative focusing world it is great to see positive achievement.

I do have a concern that the majority of Posts of student achievement are sports and cultural orientated, this in itself is great but in my experience most parents see schools as places for the learning of subjects such as Maths, Reading, Language, Science etc.

Why then do we not see postings of student achievement in these subjects?

Some years back I was discussing this lack celebration of Maths with Principals and they agreed that they did not mention student achievement in the "Core Subjects" as much as they did with Sporting and Cultural Achievement.

Is it any wonder that a subject like Maths, has such a low interest level with many students when there is little or no celebration of their achievement?

  • What Mathematics Achievement can we celebrate on a regular basis?   
  • A student's improvement from one test to another.
  • Students' creative ability in using geometry to create patterns
  • The creating of student problems for others to solve
  • The students who solve "Problem of The Week " with a great explanation
  • A student who helps others with maths learning

I look forward to seeing (and hearing about) regular posting of Maths Achievements and successes, so that all of the present school generation see maths as a fun and exciting subject.

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